Modes d’Expédition

At Shipito we provide industry leading shipping solutions for our customers. Our shipping providers vary both by country and by warehouse. The Shipping Calculator will show you exactly what shipping options are available for your country. This page provides general overview of each shipping provider we offer and what their limitations are.

While some of our export restrictions may be more stringent than your home country's import restrictions we have to abide by them. All rules and conditions of each shipping provider will also apply to any package you ship with us. Please also review our Prohibited and Restricted page for items that have specific shipping requirements.

Mailing condition for all packages

If the value of any item in the package is over $2,500 USD we can only ship by DHL or FedEx due to the complicated regulations and reporting (EEI Electronic Export Information: SED Shipper Export Declaration), which applies to shipping items with value over $2,500 USD. In case you want us to prepare EEI we charge a $40 flat fee.

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