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Nous achetons pour vous

We shop for you. If you have trouble ordering online we can shop on your behalf. We are able to purchase many hard to get products from various online retailers. You will pay using your Shipito account and we will purchase what you need.

C'est simple! Dites-nous ce que vous désirez et attendez que votre colis se rende à votre compte Shipito.

Click on Assisted Purchase after you login into your account. Then click on New Assisted Purchase. Give us a description, quantity of item desired, product number, and total price including shipping to our warehouse. You can do this by placing your selected items into a shopping cart on your favorite website, go to checkout, enter our shipping address and this will give you the total cost. You will then enter all that information into the form and click Next,

Place an order on Amazon for example:

Copy the URL

Paste the URL and fill out the form:

Nous vérifierons la disponibilité et procéderons à l'achat des produits.

When we go to complete your purchase, we will check the availability and pricing. If the information and prices align with the information provided within your Assisted Purchase request, the order will be placed. If the items are not available, or the prices are higher than what was submitted, we will reach out to you via your Shipito account informing you of any discrepancies.

We allow up to a $10 USD overage for any Assisted Purchase. This means, that if your purchase is more than the amount you have paid, we will still complete your purchase, up to $10 USD over the amount deposited. This will appear as a negative balance in your Shipito account. If the price exceeds the $10 USD overage allowance, you will be contacted regarding how to proceed.

One we receive the item we place it into your suite for you to ship whenever you are ready.

Once your package has been delivered, we will inspect the items to ensure the order is correct and nothing was damaged in transit. Once this inspection has been completed, your package will be placed into your Shipito account and you will be notifiied. You will then be able to schedule mail out for your package to your destination of choice and shipping charges for this service will be applied upon mail out.

  • Total des Produits Commandés
  • Shipping costs from seller (Shipping to Warehouse)
  • Sales tax (Domestic Tax)
  • $8.50 USD Assisted Purchase Fee
  • Bank Fee (Processing Fee - 4.3% for PayPal and credit card payments)
  • Shipito Commission (8 % of purchase cost)

Tell us what you want and we'll shop for you!

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